Sometimes Life is everything we could hope for, and sometimes it just stinks.

The good stuff is easy. But much of life is trusting God to get us through the tough times, believing that He is still in control, even when it doesn’t look like it – living out our faith. But that can be so hard, especially when we are faced with great loss.

Believe me, I know. But also believe me, it is the only way to truly heal when things really fall apart.

My wife and son were murdered by a masked gunman, and my other son and I were left for dead, but survived. Bad enough, right? But it got worse:  my surviving son fell under suspicion for arranging the murders with two friends. He was later arrested, convicted, and is now on Texas Death Row.

On the night of the shootings, I wrestled with my faith and God met me there. What happened next became the focus of hour long programs on Oprah!, 20/20, and 48 Hours, and The Inside Story on Channel 9 Network in Australia, as well as my New York Times Best Seller, Murder By Family.

My healing began when God helped me forgive the masked shooter – long before I found out my son was involved.

I would love to share my story, and help you and your church or organization come to grips with the losses we all experience.  And how to grow closer to God and blossom and heal through the process.